About Us

About us

Safeguarding the environment for our next generation.

Climate Care Africa focuses on addressing the multiple environmental challenges facing Kenya, and the possible solutions for environmental conservation, sustainable development as well as champions for environmental rights and education in a participatory manner.

Our goal is to raise awareness and encourage policy action by providing information to governmental decision-makers, non-governmental organizations, private sector and the media to enhance public knowledge, raise awareness, generate debate, shape opinion, and bring about overall systemic change.

How we work

1.    Conducting research on climate issues

2.   Fighting misinformation through generating evidence based data

3.   Communicating with the media, the public, and decision makers

4.   Mobilizing our communities to advocate for change

Step by Step

Our Approach

We support planning through community-based conservation efforts and aid policy development. Together with our partners, we form a network of conservation professionals, academicians, researchers, scientists, and decision makers. We carry out our work in four ways:


We provide cutting edge research and analysis.

We lead research projects to understand climate change address on-the-ground needs from a factual perspective. We work closely with subject matter experts to bring you breakthrough research that you can count on.

Community Resilience

We work with communities to achieve their goals—from climate adaptation plans to impact assessments—in a collaborative and culturally-informed way.

Policy + Law

We promote policies and laws that advance environmental conservation by drafting legislation, provisions, and standards to advance environmental conservation efforts and guide their implementation.

Mentorship & Networking

Environmental Conservation starts with connecting people. We build networks that bring diverse groups to the table and facilitate collaboration in an effort to break down silos and promote knowledge-sharing. We encourage  creation of networks between youth and women.


To see a world of net zero carbon emissions by 2050, with greater prosperity for all.


To advance prudent environmental policies and action in Kenya based on research and science