Coastal Environmental Conservation

Coastal & Marine Environmental Conservation


  • Coastal zone restoration

We work towards the protection , conservation and sustainable development of coastal  and marine ecosystems through local initiatives and participation of local communities.

We carry out environmental education training, biodiversity conservation community based mangrove, sea-weed and sea grass restoration, regeneration and plantation and environmental awareness raising in collaboration with  coastal communities

CCA’s goal is to save coastal communities from sea-level rise and global climate change by identifying local environmental problems and initiating brainstorming processes and action initiatives that involve the local coastal people to promote and enact environmental protection strategies. One key area of focus is on laws and management practices for sustainable use of national resources that support and protect indigenous knowledge.

  • Marine ecosystem restoration

Ocean is also chemically changing in dramatic ways in response to human influences on the environment. Seawater is becoming progressively more acidic, for example, due to the influence of industrially generated carbon in the atmosphere. The ocean is also subject to severe influxes of nitrogen- and phosphorous-based nutrients from industrial agriculture and wastewater treatment facilities.

Beyond the problems mentioned above, marine litter and related issues like plastic debris, acoustic pollution and many others are becoming more severe with the passage of time.

Our ocean is both the source and the sustainer of all life on earth as well as one of the most dynamic and under-reported food systems on the planet.  It covers over 70 percent of our planet and produces over 70 percent of its oxygen, accounting for more than every other breath we take. No matter where we’re from or where we live, we are all tied to our ocean.

Beyond the marine challenges , issues like plastic debris, acoustic pollution and many others are becoming more severe with the passage of time. At Climate Care, we empower behavior that protects our ocean’s health and, in turn, our own. We raise awareness for the devastating effects of human consumption on our aquatic ecosystems, and work with leading researchers and scientists, conservationists, NGOs, the business community and industry experts to drive positive change.

We are broadening the conversation and inspiring new audiences to take action by weaving educational messaging into existing interest areas as well by encouraing individuals to consider their own consumption behavior, while also providing them with sustainable alternatives that suit their daily lives.