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Climate Change media Partnership

The Climate Change Media Partnership program seeks to provide journalists with in-depth understanding of and ability to cover climate change and environmental conservation issues. The aim of this initiative is to ensure that climate change matters are reported.

We organize for training journalists with an aim to improve media coverage of climate change, and therefore increase public engagement in the issue with a focus on developing countries and especially in the most critically affected regions.

Working with relevant stakeholders including Lake Region Economic Block and the Council of Governors’ Climate Change Committee, this programme aims to address impacts of climate change through effective adaption and mitigation activities. The rising water levels and submerging of human settlements has lead to loss of lives and property in the past leading to economic challenges

Our world increasingly relies on data. Data helps support research and allows environment frontiers and journalists to make sense of trends. It grounds reporting in facts and evidence.

But data can also be confusing and misleading if not understood or presented in ways that are relevant to the public. CCA understands that challenge. In addition, that’s why we’ve been investing more in building our support for data generation and storage.

Researchers can pick the data they’re interested in and overlay different datasets, helping them to see potential linkages between various environmental and social challenges and their effects and generate environmental campaign ideas.

An unprecedented coalition of County Governments committed to setting research and science-based targets and start implementing inclusive and resilient climate action beyond the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.

The Race to Zero is a national campaign to rally leadership and support from businesses, NGOs, CBOs, and investors for a healthy, resilient, zero carbon recovery that prevents future threats, creates decent jobs, and unlocks inclusive, sustainable growth.

The Race to Zero brings together Counties to demonstrate their support for inclusive climate action in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement. Signing onto the Counties Race to Zero will be a powerful signal to other County Governments that Counties are ready and willing to partner with them to reach their highest climate ambitions. 

Counties signing onto the Race to Zero must commit to the following: 

  1. Publicly endorse the following principles:
  • We recognize the global climate emergency. 
  • We are committed to keeping global heating below the 1.5°Celsius goal of the Paris Agreement.
  • We are committed to putting inclusive climate action at the center of all decision-making, to create thriving and equitable communities for everyone. 
  • We invite our partners – political leaders, CEOs, trade unions, investors, and civil society – to join us in recognizing the global climate emergency and help us deliver on science-based action to overcome it.
  1. Pledge to reach (net)-zero in the 2040s or sooner, or by mid-century at the latest, in line with global efforts to limit warming to 1.5°Celsius. 
  2. Explain what steps will be taken toward achieving net zero, especially in the short- to medium-term. Set an interim target to achieve in the next decade, which reflects a fair share of the 50% global reduction in CO2 by 2030 identified in the IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°Celsius.
  3. Immediately proceed to planning at least one inclusive and equitable climate action that will help to place your County on a resilient pathway consistent with the 1.5°Celsius objective of the Paris Agreement and begin implementation no later than July 2022.
  4. Report progress annually, beginning no later than 2023 to your usual or the recommended reporting platform. 

The Youth Innovation Prize addresses humanity’s biggest environmental and social challenges by identifying, supporting, and accelerating the Country’s most promising nature-inspired individuals or startups across industries. To help these innovations overcome startup pitfalls, we provide:

  • Training in sustainable business practices so that solving one environmental problem does not lead to another
  • Founder-friendly capital to de-risk technology and perform proof of concept projects
  • A strong mentor and investor network to provide relevant advice and to activate catalytic funding
  • Communications and content creation support to amplify startup value proposition and explain their scientific solutions

Data4Counties is CCA’s evidence-based foundational initiative to measure and manage County climate ambition and progress. The smart use of data – big and small – will tell us how and why climate change is happening, inform local climate mitigation and adaptation strategies, and provide the evidence that County Governments, private sector partners, and citizens need to increase their support for local climate action.

Data4Counties lays the foundations for standardized data by streamlining – with consistency and transparency – how and what climate information from cities is collected, what data can be made available to support Counties to act, alongside the mechanisms used to analyze this information.

i)             Access to Data

As part of CCA’s commitment, we assess the current climate situation in the counties by carrying out greenhouse gas emissions inventories as well as climate risk and vulnerability assessments to provide insight into priority areas for climate action. Counties, however, have different levels of resources that can be directed towards monitoring their climate data. Data4Counties aims to strengthen all Counties’ access to climate data, informing a County’s ability to understand their circumstances, areas for action, and impact over time.

ii)            Quality, Consistent and Transparent Data

With CCAs commitment, supporting County governments to meet climate goals and build momentum for increased ambition quality, consistent, and transparent data is necessary to track counties’ contributions. By uniting local voices and raising the bar on data transparency, Data4Counties helps promote the impact of County climate action, teach best practices, and improve technical and financial support for County.

iii)           Data for Decision Making

Only with the right information can County leaders, policymakers, and investors make the best decisions to drive effective climate action. Data4Counties supports its signatories to leverage this information by providing counties with access to high-quality data and tools, including to report their progress to demonstrate their achievements from commitment to implementation. Data4Counties is constantly innovating to leverage this vast data to allow counties and their partners who support them to learn from each other and gain new insights.

Why join us

The Data4Counties is a national alliance of counties and partners committed to combating climate change.

By becoming part of the alliance, counties are empowered to drive climate action in their communities by working with county/regional networks and blocks, national governments, and international institutions.